All prospective students must first complete an application form, made available in April of the current year up to the examination day which is usually the first Saturday of May. Application forms can be obtained with a non-refundable sum of Two Thousand Naira (#2,000.00) only from the Secretary’s office by visiting the school in person. The completed application form, and other documents specified by the school should be returned to the school’s Secretariat accordingly. Each application is strictly for one female prospective student only. Our Admissions and Examination Board will then review the application painstakingly in accordance with the admissions requirements. We trust that parents would cooperate with us to procure mature girls for the next phase of their academic lives. The admissions criteria include; viz:

1.Prospective applicants into JSS 1 must have celebrated their 10th birthday in August of the entry year
2.The School is strictly boarding. Hence, all the new intakes must be mature enough to take good care of themselves, perform the normal daily routine functions, and still be fit to cope with their studies properly
3.The results obtained in Mathematics, English language and General knowledge in the written entrance examination and the oral test must be satisfactory
4.Previous school academic records must be taken into consideration
5.A prospective student must be mentally, physically and emotionally fit for studies
The candidates shall come for the written entrance examination on the day that shall duly be communicated through various information media to all concerned by the School with a non-refundable entrance examination fee of Three Thousand Naira (#3,000.00) only.

The written entrance examination is followed by an oral interview administered on the same day. The results will be computed, processed and released on the same day too.
Parents and their child or ward shall be convocated for the publication of the results and other necessary announcement. Based on the outcome of the entrance examination results, all the successful candidates will be encouraged to pay a non - refundable deposit fee of Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira (#3,500.00) only for and collect a Prospectus/letter of admission of the school.
The Prospectus is officially issued as the offer of admission document to only the successful candidates on payment of all the prescribed fees. Parents and their child or ward are hereby enjoined to adhere strictly to all its contents accordingly. Negligence could eventually cause a successful candidate to be disqualified for an admission. Please take note that the above mentioned fees can be reviewed without notice depending on the exigencies of the situation. Remember to collect a cash receipt due for any payment made to the School from the Cashier for future reference. Late entrance examinations are also administered in due course when it is considered expedient and necessary by following the due processes.